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Rigid vent duct and fittings made from solid high density polyethylene.
Manufactured from HDPE, Polymax is the premier extreme duty plastic alternative.

No corrosion, high impact and fly rock resistant incorporates unmatched strength and durability. No matter who believes, they have a flexible option that is viable, put it up against POLYMAX ducting and see the difference standard wall thickness is 10mm. Hanging rings and stiffener bars and flanges are 20mm.

Pure HDPE is 4-6 times stronger than Rota-mold options. It is also UV resistant and POLYMAX has a 20 year UV degradation warranty. Store it outside on the surface or underground, nothing is as durable as POLYMAX.

Any product or configuration from out range can be made from or into POLYMAX. Length and diameter are your choice, as is to suit positive OR negative pressure.

Our manufacturing is carried out on the east coast of NSW and we can deliver to all major transport companies.

Large stocks of more common items are kept in the East Coast and Western NSW branches. We can arrange delivery for you.

POLYMAX Options include:

  • On/Off butterfly values with locking pins.
  • Up to 20mm thick for large diameter negative pressure applications.
  • Vent bag adapter ends OR bolt hole flanged ends.
  • Extra re-inforcing bars and hanging rings.
  • Bends, sections or anything POLYMAX HDPE can be made modulated for ease of transport, both to site and underground.
  • Call us for any large requirements, custom items or project appraisals.