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600mm dia up to 1600mm dia.

Our standard maximum duty vent duct, VENTMAX is manufactured for the demands of modern day mining. Manufactured from 330gsm “RIPSTOP” polyethylene, VENTMAX has high pressure capability, low air loss and durability is testament to Wells Vent Aust understanding what customers require.

Features included:

  • One piece construction up to 1400mm – no bottom seams with rope re-inforcing in the hanging fin and joining spigot.
  • Each item is pre-fitted with Carabineer type hanging clips AND supplied with enough minsup type clips to join with. No more issues with installation, just un-pack and ready to go.
  • All items are packed individually and quad strapped for ease of handling. 4 waterproof ID tags are fitted to each item to make your job easy AND each diameter is colored coded as well.
  • All products are UV resistant including packaging. They can be stored outside.