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Specifications and Configurations

Underground Vent Ducting – Specifications and Configurations
We offer many different types of configurations for underground vent ducting.
Click on the below links for the individual specifications and configurations:
Straight Length
T-Piece Equal Length
T-Piece Branched Dual Seam
T-Piece Equal Reducing
T-Piece Branched Reducing Dual Seam
Branched 45° Dual Seam
Y-Piece Branched 90°
Y-Piece Branched 0°
45° Elbow
90° Elbow
Reducing Piece
4 Way Junction
Protection Cradle
Concertina Length
Bio Duct
Bio Duct - Transition Piece
Bio Duct - T-Piece
Bio Duct - Y-Piece
Bio Duct – Branched 45° Dual Seam
Emergency Vent Control – Drive Block
Nixon Flap